Ready-to-use proficiency and authentic assessment activities make teaching easier.  Students are highly motivated as they learn by communicating with each other. Proficiency Press materials are extremely valuable professional tools for second language teachers who are implementing the National Standards.

Mariana Scimeca, Foreign Language Teacher, East Grand Rapids, MI

Te Toca a T

i and C’est Ton Tour require students to use Spanish/French in meaningful situations which involve all four skills. Because of the practical and realistic nature of the activities, students become actively involved in accomplishing the required communicative tasks. The extensive cultural information found in the activities makes them even more valuable.

Susan Helm Smith, Curriculum Specialist for Foreign Languages and ESL, Frederick, MD

Tocca a Te

is a fine collection of activities for students of Italian at the most introductory level.  It helps to develop core vocabulary and improve proficiency in the four skills.

Gerard Russo, Review for Italica (AATI Journal)


would be a very useful and welcome addition to any language program since it encourages development of the four skills … The book is replete with authentic materials from which exercises are derived… the final section of each unit, “Tocca a Te Parlare”, provides creative topics for discussion amongst the students using the ideas, themes, and vocabulary developed in the chapter…

Gerard Russo, Review for Italica (AATI Journal)

My students really enjoy working with Proficiency Press materials, especially the real-life activities.  After using these books, I am confident that my students are well prepared for the New York State Proficiency Exam.

Nancy Wallace, Past President, NYS Foreign Language Teacher’s

Association, Orchard Park, NY

The breadth of activities in each chapter of

Suivez-Moi serves as a gold mine for those teachers wanting to integrate the National Standards more fully into the classroom.

Eileen M. Angelini, Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, PA

The topical, ‘real-world’ approach of

Authentic Assessment for the Intermediate Level has made my job and students’ learning so much easier.  All of my students did extremely well on the state exam.

Laura Linehan, W.T. Clarke H.S./M.S., Westbury, N.Y.


With National Standards focusing on technology in the classroom,

Internet Tasks for Second Language Students will greatly increase the usefulness of the Internet in the classroom…I am always looking for ways to expand my Internet repertoire.  This book is just the right tool.

Judith Nesbitt, Crestwood High School, Sumter, SC, (American

Language Review)

I just love your books!  They were so helpful to me when I was creating my exams.  I just had to buy a copy for myself. Thank you!

Jennifer Reynolds, Foreign Language Teacher, North Tonawanda Senior High School, NY

This interesting, comprehensive program enables my students to develop their skill while having fun! We especially enjoy the Internet Tasks for Second Language Students.  The students acquire the Italian language at a faster rate and express themselves at a more sophisticated level than ever before.  Kudos!

S.N., New York Teacher

I thought I was in heaven when I discovered your books.  It’s all there:  thematic vocabulary, cooperative activities, cultural appreciation, authentic assessment, and lesson aims.  Clear and straightforward, these are wonderful resources, which save teachers many hours of preparation time

Edward Jackson, New York City Teacher